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Open Call for Nominations – MWA Board Elections in June

MWA is growing and becoming an ever more active organization, with plans already underway for the next writing contests and the next TWO conferences, for expanding Pen in Hand, and much more! Those interested in helping lead the association during this exciting time are encouraged to put in their names now.

The MWA Board is up for re-election and you are needed!

Elections for the 2018 – 2020 Board will be held at the MWA Annual Meeting on June 23.

The current Board and the nominating committee encourage all MWA members to consider running for the following positions:

  • President. presides over the Executive Committee, Board and membership meetings. The President directs or supervises all MWA activities, serving as an ex officio member of every Committee.
  • Vice President. assists the President, mentors Committees as needed, and presides in lieu of the President.
  • Secretary. takes attendance, and record, maintains and disseminates the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee, Board and membership.
  • Treasurer. accounts for all income, expenses, assets and liabilities of MWA, maintains all funds and accounts, prepares the annual General Budget, and collects data necessary to file all necessary tax returns and other financial disclosure documents.
  • Member at Large (2): assists the Executive Committee and the Board on special projects and provides general advice and guidance.

In addition, the following elected chairperson positions are open for nominations. The chairpersons recruit volunteers for their committees and form a Standing Committee. They serve as voting Board members.

  • Development & Long-Range Planning. handles development, sponsor recruitment, and long-range planning of MWA.
  • Communications. publicizes MWA activities to members and to the public, initiates and responds to media requests.
  • Conference. responsible for all aspects of planning and carrying out the Annual Writers’ Conference. If there is no Annual Writers’ Conference, the Conference Chair may be given other responsibilities.
  • Publications. supervises the publication of all MWA newsletters, journals, books, and other publications.
  • Program. develops and manages writing contests, awards, critique groups and other programs or events offered by or participated in by MWA.
  • Membership. receives and processes membership applications and dues and maintains accurate dues status and contact information for members. The Membership Director strives to increase MWA membership.

All Board positions require a two-year commitment (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2018) with regular attendance at Board meetings, as well as meetings of standing committees as needed.

If you wish to apply or want to learn more about the positions, email the nominating committee at Please specify the position you are interested in, and describe your qualifications, your interest in MWA and your vision for how MWA can serve its members and the community.

The Annual Meeting will be held at the East Columbia Branch of the Howard County library, East Columbia Branch, June 23, 1-3pm (Lucille Clifton Meeting Room A/B, 6600 Cradlerock Way Columbia MD 21045.

Now is the time for you to step forward!